Motor Cables by Coroplast

21.03.17: Motor Cables by Coroplast

As in the previous season, also this year we are delighted to be supported by Coroplast with their motor cables. In order to route the power from our accumulator to the inverter, light, reliable and resilient cables are needed. Those…

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Fast and Safe with Schroth

20.03.17: Fast and Safe with Schroth

As in recent years Schroth Safety Products GmbH is supporting our team by providing a restraint system for our car. With their engagement, they provide a crucial contribution for the safety of our drivers. In the whole world and nearly…

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Racing Kit by AMK

14.03.17: Racing Kit by AMK

A race car does not move without any motor and without supporting inverters also our three-phase motors are useless. Fortunately we get both components as a perfectly compatible racing kit by AMK in Kirchheim/Teck. Overall four permanent magnet synchronous motors…

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Current measurement with VAC

13.03.17: Current measurement with VAC

To improve the efficiency of our vehicle we measure the energy consumption. Since several years we use current sensors of VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG, because their products are small, lightweight and very accurate. We use the sensors to measure…

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DC/DC-converter for our board power

08.03.17: DC/DC-converter for our board power

An electric racecar cannot drive without the control electronics! But those need fewer volts than supplied by our 600V accumulator. To supply our control electronics with the voltage they need, we use a DC/DC-converter from PULS GmbH, to convert the…

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Stay cool with i2s

07.03.17: Stay cool with i2s

Our powertrain must be cooled and to observe the right temperatures of  the motors and inverters we use temperature sensors in our cooling system. This year again we can use sensors by i2s – intelligent sensor Systems Dresden. Their sensors of…

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PU-Springs by BASF

02.03.17: PU-Springs by BASF

The BASF SE is one of the largest companies in the world and was founded in Mannheim in 1865. The company has over 390 branches and over 112000 employees worldwide. We are glad to name BASF a sponsor for a…

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ESO training from BSD

21.02.17: ESO training from BSD

Continuing this year, we were supported by the BSD with the training in live working for our new ESO´s. The training consists of two parts, a theory part at the location of the BSD in Großröhrsdorf und a practical part…

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