Bleeder valves from -Stahlbus-

02.07.17: Bleeder valves from -Stahlbus-

As in the previous season, Stahlbus is sponsoring us materially and is providing us with bleeder valves. These bleeder valves will be used in the brake system and directly connected to the brake calipers as representative of normal bleed screws….

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Gearing technology from VMK GmbH

27.06.17: Gearing technology from VMK GmbH

Since years Verzahnung und Metallbearbeitung GmbH is supporting us with their Know-How in gearing technology. The company, located in Pirna, is specialized in all kind of toothings, turned and milled parts, as well as welding. Since 2012 we can profit…

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joint head from Askubal

28.05.17: joint head from Askubal

This year Askubal supported us with spherical bearings and joint heads. They are assembled in our car in the suspension area as well as for our wing packet. Askubal has been around for 86 years and stands for quality and…

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surface finishing by Heidenauer Galvanik

26.05.17: surface finishing by Heidenauer Galvanik

Once again Heidenauer Galvanik supports us with a surface finishing on selected parts for our new race car! The surface treatment anodizing produces a corrosion-resistant layer on our parts. This is essential for a great number of our parts and…

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Floater from -MCET-

22.05.17: Floater from -MCET-

MCET bike- and racingaccessoir shop is providing us with floaters and offers a discount on their entire collection. Floaters are considered to be the physical connection between the wheel hub and brake disc. These parts are relevant to the vehicle’s…

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Cooling Plate from Eßbach

03.05.17: Cooling Plate from Eßbach

An electric racing car is not possible without power electronics. In a powerful race car there is also a lot of heat in those power electronics. To keep everything cool in the back of the car, we need a cooling…

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A constant companion – Bürklin Elektronik

25.04.17: A constant companion – Bürklin Elektronik

Electronic components on self-developed circuit boards should be high class and reliable. Since more than 6 years we have the pleasure to get precise and high-quality electronic parts from Bürklin Elektronik to meet these requirements. Apart from our SMD-part chests many components…

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