cell measurement at IAD

12.10.16: cell measurement at IAD

We give thanks to the chair of automotive mechatronics of the institute of automotive technologies Dresden of the Technical University of Dresden for their longtime active support by the electrical and thermal measurements of our accumulator cells. This enables us…

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Lightweight in perfection

30.08.16: Lightweight in perfection

The Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF) supports the Elbflorace team for the second year. By using their software for developing and simulating the Tailor Fiber Reinforced Plastics (TFP) parts and by manufacturing the TFP parts at the institute it…

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Connection caused by technology

30.08.16: Connection caused by technology

Since two years the Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden supports the Elbflorace team by connecting the wings to our Monocoque and by manufacturing all of the lamination molds for our wing profiles. The Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing technologies and applied researches is…

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Support from

17.08.16: Support from

We’re happy to recieve support from Wirkaufendeinauto – the specialist for used car trading. Even though the company doesn’t buy racecars (we would never sell them) they are the right partner with 95 branches in Germany. We thank you for…

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Nothing runs without proper connection

19.07.16: Nothing runs without proper connection

Disassembly is one of the important aspects when you consider our racecars maintainability. The distributor Börsig from Neckarsulm (near Heilbronn) gives us many eletronic parts for our car for free. This year for the first time, we integrate the motor…

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The harder, the better

19.07.16: The harder, the better

…at least in the confines of common sense. Nevertheless we have observed that we have chosen our shock springs too soft to unleash SophE’s full performance. To find the optimal setup the H&R Spezialfedern GmbH & Co KG from Lennestadt…

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Surface-finishing of milled parts

19.07.16: Surface-finishing of milled parts

Once again this year, our long-standing partner Heidenauer Galvanik supports us with galvanic finishing on metal (finishing and galvanic treatments). Galvanic treatments not only achieved visual advantages, but also we have a higher surface strength and get our inserts of…

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Jointheads for our 2015-16 season

19.07.16: Jointheads for our 2015-16 season

Once again this year, ASKUBAL supports us with rod ends and spherical plain bearings. These are an integral part in chassis and are impossible to imagine for us. Rod ends and spherical plain bearings are applied in our wishbones, turnbuckles,…

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