(Deutsch) ESO-Ausbildung von der BSD

21.02.17: (Deutsch) ESO-Ausbildung von der BSD

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Gas pressure springs from ACE

18.02.17: Gas pressure springs from ACE

ACE was founded in Detroid in 1963 and is nowadays one of the leading companies for industrial damping technologies. Actually used for industrial application the dampers are also usefull for racing. For our Forula Student competition, aswell as for big…

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Angles and Lengths with Novotechnik

11.02.17: Angles and Lengths with Novotechnik

We are very happy to welcome a new partner for sensors this season, the Novotechnik Messwertaufnehmer OHG. This company in Ostfildern produces high professional sensors for measuring angles and lengths which are also used in the automotive sector. We use…

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Working under high pressure – ADZ NAGANO

08.02.17: Working under high pressure – ADZ NAGANO

The component with the biggest relevance for the safety of our drivers is the braking system. There is the highest working pressure in our race car and no part may fail under the high load. Again we can use pressure…

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Light plastic bushings by Igus

05.02.17: Light plastic bushings by Igus

Quickly delivered as usual our longtime supporter Igus provides Elbflorace in another season with bushings coming from a range of about 50 different kinds of plastics in all usual contours and sizes. These plastics, also traded as iglidur®, all have…

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Springs by the professional suspension manufacturer H&R

05.02.17: Springs by the professional suspension manufacturer H&R

We are glad to thank the H&R Spezialfedern GmbH & Co KG for supplying us with special racing springs for our suspension in this season again. The company H&R is a long-time sponsor of Elbflorace and is internationally known for…

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cell measurement at IAD

12.10.16: cell measurement at IAD

We give thanks to the chair of automotive mechatronics of the institute of automotive technologies Dresden of the Technical University of Dresden for their longtime active support by the electrical and thermal measurements of our accumulator cells. This enables us…

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Lightweight in perfection

30.08.16: Lightweight in perfection

The Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF) supports the Elbflorace team for the second year. By using their software for developing and simulating the Tailor Fiber Reinforced Plastics (TFP) parts and by manufacturing the TFP parts at the institute it…

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