Floater from -MCET-

22.05.17: Floater from -MCET-

MCET bike- and racingaccessoir shop is providing us with floaters and offers a discount on their entire collection. Floaters are considered to be the physical connection between the wheel hub and brake disc. These parts are relevant to the vehicle’s…

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Cooling Plate from Eßbach

03.05.17: Cooling Plate from Eßbach

An electric racing car is not possible without power electronics. In a powerful race car there is also a lot of heat in those power electronics. To keep everything cool in the back of the car, we need a cooling…

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A constant companion – Bürklin Elektronik

25.04.17: A constant companion – Bürklin Elektronik

Electronic components on self-developed circuit boards should be high class and reliable. Since more than 6 years we have the pleasure to get precise and high-quality electronic parts from Bürklin Elektronik to meet these requirements. Apart from our SMD-part chests many components…

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Glenair Connectors Sponsored by Boersig

23.04.17: Glenair Connectors Sponsored by Boersig

As in the previous season, Börsig supports us with Glenair connectors again. Because of our good experience with the light and user- friendly connectors from the passed season, Glenairs will be used not only as motor connectors but in our…

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Security through insulation monitoring by Bender

22.04.17: Security through insulation monitoring by Bender

With nearly 80 years of experience in the field of top-class electrical safety products and solutions the company Bender GmbH & Co. KG is the market leader. The family business based in hessian Grünberg manufactures insulation monitoring devices for ungrounded…

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Uprights made by H+E

10.04.17: Uprights made by H+E

We are proud to announce the manufacturing of our uprights by Hofmann und Engel again. They were produced in a complicated 5-axis milling process by the company close to Dresden. H+E have a large experience with constructing and fabricating of…

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Beechwood from Holz-Fichtner

07.04.17: Beechwood from Holz-Fichtner

Holz-Fichtner has existed for about 80 years. From the original turnery a modern, high-performance handicraft and trading enterprise has emerged to this day. Until today, the wood material has mostly been used. Own production is sensibly supplemented by interesting articles…

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